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Dorians: A Greek people who took their name from Dorus, son of Hellen.  They came from north or northwest and invaded Corinth, then Crete in 1100 B.C.; Spartans always regarded as representatives of unmixed Dorian ancestry. 
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    Taking in consideration that the Minonean and Mycenaean were the first civilizations in the Balkans, and they were of separate creed then the Albanian people, then the only possible civilization that could have existed north of Greece is the Illyrian people.  There were none other that existed at that time and considering these Northern people Greek would be irrelevant, since throughout time these northern people have formed what could be considered Albanian Culture. 
      Most books on this topic place the Dorians as a Greek people, but it is quite impossible for these Greeks to conquer themselves.  For that is what the Dorians did, they conquered what was considered at that time Ancient Greece, and how could a Greek people conquer the Greek nation.  Also, the Dorians are known for having a different resemblance then the Greeks.  They were known to have fairer hair and to be taller. 
      From this information we can calculate these facts: 1. The Dorians came from the north 2. They are different from the Greeks and 3.  They conquered the Greeks in 1100 B.C.  These facts, pulled completely out of literature accepted by the world pinpoints the culture and people known as Dorians to be Albanian.  Every time that literature considers a people to the north of Greece, they have to be talking about the Albanian people, since no other group of people, like the Slavs, occupied the Balkans until the 7th Century A.D.  The realization of this fact opens a gate of acceptance for a very eloquent Albanian history. 
      Even though Albanians are known to be a very brute, dark, and uncultured people, this is evidence that the Albanian people, at one time, conquered mighty Greece.  The Albanian people were and continued to be very skilled worriers and leaders, and this aspect is reflected as early as the Dorians.  With every conquer there also comes the heavy and long-lasting integration of culture and cultural diffusion. A mix between the Albanian and Greek so early at time leads to the possibility that the same Albanians that were known as the Dorians have become some part of the majestic Greek empire, if not diffused to become one people with Greeks.  There is no record of the conquering Dorians to have left Greece, so accordingly, Albanians have some claim to the well-known achievements of the Greek Empire. 
      These incredible cultural and historical facts are not always associated with Albania.

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